December 21, 2021

EP. 103.5 — Happy Holidays and A Look Back on Christmas Party

Happy Holidays, everyone! The ladies take us back to the great “Christmas Party” episode and Angela even uncovers a mysterious Creed deleted scene! Enjoy this “Office Ladies” festive gem, and thank you for listening to “Office Ladies”! Have a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones.


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OFFICE 103.5 – Happy Holidays & A Look Back on “Christmas Party” Angela [00:00:00]   Ho, ho, ho. Pimp. Jenna [00:00:02] Yankee Swap! Angela [00:00:04] Oh, that can only mean one thing. Jenna [00:00:05] It is time for an “Office” Christmas episode. Angela [00:00:09] Yes, it is. We are taking it back to the beginning with the very first Dunder Mifflin Christmas party. Jenna [00:00:14] Yes, we are off this week to be with our families for the holidays, but we thought “Christmas Party” would be a great episode to reshare. Angela [00:00:23] Lady, before we break down the episode. I have to tell you about a fun Creed moment that I missed the first time around. All right, so we learn about another chapter in Creed’s life. It’s in deleted scenes. You’ve got to hear it. Oscar is going to ask Creed what he eventually got in the Yankee Swap exchange. Here’s what Creed has to say. Oscar [00:00:44] What you end up with? Creed [00:00:45] You

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