March 23, 2021

EP. 69.5 — Happy Spring Break and A Look Back on Booze Cruise with Greg Daniels

It’s Spring Break and what better way to enjoy the week off than with Booze Cruise!? Take a trip down memory lane to when Jenna and Angela sat down with living legend Greg Daniels (The Office, Upload, Star Force). Jenna, Angela and Greg break down this episode together and Greg brought his own notecards! They chat about creating the U.S. version of The Office, Brenda from corporate, and Greg shines a light on the Kelly to Mindy transition. This episode is jam-packed with info and fun insights, so wait to do your snorkel shots until the episode is over y’all!


OFFICE-070-20210318-BoozeCruiseRerelease-SKv01-PW.mp3 JENNA [00:00:02] Hey, everybody, how are you? ANGELA [00:00:04] How are you, guys? Guess what it is? JENNA [00:00:06] It’s spring break for us. ANGELA [00:00:09] It is spring break for our kids and you guys, we are going to go have some family time. JENNA [00:00:16] That means this week we’re doing a rerun. But don’t get mad because it’s a really, really good one. ANGELA [00:00:20] Yes. We were just thinking, you guys just listen to “Dinner Party”, right? If you’re listening along. And what other epic episode could we play for you? But “Booze Cruise”. JENNA [00:00:30] And “Booze Cruise” is special because this was back when we were recording in the studio and we had our showrunner, Greg Daniels, sit with us for the entire breakdown of the episode. Oh, my gosh. He just gave us so much amazing insight. ANGELA [00:00:44] We really, truly were like, Greg, can you please c

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