March 29, 2022

EP. 115.5 — Happy Spring Break and a Look Back on “Chair Model”

Happy Spring, all! Let’s take a look back on a classic cringey Michael ep. After a disastrous dinner party, Michael is single and finds himself falling in love with a chair model from an office supply catalog. Meanwhile Kevin and Andy fight to get their parking spaces back from a construction project by confronting the Five Families. We hear from Paul Faust who actually played himself as one of the heads of the Five Families. Jenna spots a sparkling Michael accessory, Creed Bratton gives theories on why the character Creed was trying to score three office chairs, and Angela reveals something pretty special about the chair she’s been using to record Office Ladies. You totally should listen to this episode, no shortn’t about it.

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OFFICE 115.5 – A Look Back on Chair Model Jenna [00:00:02] Hi, everyone. Angela [00:00:03] Howdy. Jenna [00:00:04] It is spring. Angela [00:00:05] It is. Jenna [00:00:06] It is springtime. Angela [00:00:07] It’s springtime. And you guys, before we head out on spring break with our families, we wanted to pop in and say, Hi. Jenna [00:00:13] That’s right. We are going to give a relisten to Chair Model this week because coming up in a few weeks, we’re going to be breaking down Scott’s Tots, which is considered the cringiest episode of the office. But another episode that was on that cringe list is Chair Model. Angela [00:00:34] Yeah, and we thought maybe to prep for the cringe factor of Scott’s Tots, we should take a moment and relisten to Chair Model. Jenna [00:00:43] You know, that’s the episode where Michael falls immediately and deeply in love with a woman sitting in a chair in a magazine. Angela [00:00:53] She’s in a catalog. Jenna [00:00:5

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