How Can I Be A Better Cat Parent? with Jackson Galaxy

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness #180 September 22, 2020

This week on Getting Curious, we’re carrying ourselves with confidence, our heads are held high, and we’re comfortable in our environment—we’re feeling big time cat parent mojo! Jackson Galaxy, the cat behavior and wellness expert, host of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell, and co-creator of Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Camp joins Jonathan to talk all about cats. He shares how we can better understand and care for our favorite felines, what the deal is with “cat mojo,” and why cat rescue and TNR efforts are most successful when everyone gets involved.


Follow Jackson Galaxy on Twitter @JacksonGalaxy and Instagram @thecatdaddy, and keep up with Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Camp on Instagram @CatCampUSA. This year’s Cat Camp will take place virtually on Saturday, September 26. Get more information on the free event, and reserve your spot, at


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