September 8, 2020

EP. 178 — How Can We Take Charge Of Our Lives? with Dr. Edith Eger

One of the lessons in Dr. Edith Eger’s latest book The Gift is that love equals time. And on this week’s Getting Curious, Dr. Eger is joining Jonathan for an hour of love, compassion, and life lessons. Dr. Eger is a bestselling author, psychologist, and Holocaust survivor. Her first book The Choice, released in 2018, details her story of courage and resilience as a survivor of Auschwitz. In her new book The Gift she shares some of her best advice for confronting life’s challenges and building a meaningful existence.

Learn more about Dr. Eger on Twitter @DrEdithEger1, on Instagram @dr.editheger, and at And make sure to check out Dr. Eger’s books The Choice and The Gift.

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Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness & Dr. Edith Eger JVN [00:00:00] Welcome to Getting Curious. I’m Jonathan Van Ness and every week I sit down for a 40 minute conversation with a brilliant expert to learn all about something that makes me curious. On today’s episode, I’m joined by Dr. Edith Eger, a best-selling author, psychologist, and Holocaust survivor, where I ask her: How Can We Take Charge Of Our Lives? Welcome to “Getting Curious.” On this week’s episode we have, I mean, honestly, the most incredible guest we’ve ever had. You are a best selling author. You are a psychologist. You are a Holocaust survivor. Welcome to “Getting Curious,” Dr. Edie Eger. How are you, Dr. Edie? DR. EDITH EGER [00:00:44] Oh, I’m great. I’m so happy that I meet you. I know you do a lot of good. You are such an ambassador for peace, for us to finally form a human family and hold hand in hand. So I’m gonna look at you as the ambassador f

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