January 20, 2020

EP. 22 — Influencers with Grace Helbig

Ever wondered how in the heck to become a millionaire just by taking pictures of food and sunsets? This week the Nicks try to cash in on being Instagram Influencers! The super hilarious Grace Helbig drops by the studio to give the Nicks some badly needed advice on how to make it big on the internet. Then the Nicks set out to become major IG players by Instagramming their travels around the world, from Missouri to Korea and nowhere in between!

This episode is brought to you by The James Altucher Show Podcast.


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April 27, 2020

EP. 36 — E-books

This week, The Nicks are writing e-books! They discuss successful e-books, their writing styles and strategies (alcohol and ritalin), their many e-book pitches, and what they can do to make their e-book stand out. They play “e-book or Axe Body Spray,” Nick Vatterott shares the chapters of his e-book “How To Turn Your Twitter Into an E-book,” discuss how it was writing during the quarantine, and what the future of Get Rich Nick looks like.

Get Nick Vatterott’s E-Book, “How To Turn Your Twitter Into an E-Book” here – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087N75SBH/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_U_x_Z.JPEb4CK128W

April 20, 2020

This week, the Nicks explore what it COULD be like to drive Uber. With a pre-coronavirus interview with Brady Novak, they discuss his experience as an Uber driver, Uber vs. Lyft, Uber’s role in lessening DUI’s, the vomit bonus, Uber’s facial recognition software, and driving people to fancy hollywood parties. Then, Vatterott shares his journey with Uber, how difficult it is to rent a car, and how CoVid-19 has affected Uber. Plus, Nick Vatterott really looks like the jackbox guy. 

April 13, 2020

EP. 34 — Instacart

This is probably the best time to get into Instacart, right? This week, Nick Turner signs up for Instacart, the grocery delivery app, and is immediately approved! They discuss the Instacart strike, reports from the frontline of grocery stores, the Instacart safety kits, glove strategy, and grocery store energy, and how to use a tip to make your order extra-appealing. Nick Turner then expresses his fears and safety concerns with actually working as a grocery store delivery person, and why Instacart workers deserve more money and respect.

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