April 9, 2018

EP. 107 — It’s Quiet Time

A mother of two talks about her youthful past as a wandering actor and the choices she made to change her life. Geth asks a question in this call that leads to the ultimate “Sorry Sally” moment: How much do Playboy models get paid?

This episode is brought to you by Brooklinen (www.brooklinen.com code: BEAUTIFUL), Thomas’ English Muffins, and ZipRecruiter (www.ziprecruiter.com/BEAUTIFUL).


CHRIS [00:00:48] Hello to all my temporary Floridians! It’s Beautiful Anonymous. One hour, one phone call. No names, no holds barred. [THEME SONG] CHRIS [00:01:12] Hello, everybody. Chris Gethard here. Welcoming you to another episode of Beautiful Anonymous. The phone-call-based podcast that allows you to effectively spy on people who invite you to spy on them. It’s good thing in my life. It’s laid back, it’s pleasant, I connect with people, I remember that humans are empathetic and full of emotions and stories and struggles and love and, man, have I grown and just value this thing so much, deep in my heart and my soul. Thank you for supporting it, everybody. Things to talk about with me. So just gross stuff. Chrisgeth.com. Got some new dates going up there off the top of my head we got Burlington, Vermont, Salt Lake City, and Minneapolis, and a few other places. Few other places coming together out there. So check those out. Bloomington, Indiana. Chicago, Illin

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