It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

Sklarbro Country #7 September 10, 2010

I’d venture a guess that Sklarbro Country is the only sports podcast that opens the show with slam poetry and closes it with an in-depth interview with Matthew McConaughey. I might even guess that they are the only podcast discussing Usain “Insane” Bolt and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, but that’s exactly what you can expect in this episode. Har Mar Superstar tells us how he turned from indie rocker to soul singer, while busting out an acapella version of a Boys To Men song that will leave you in tears. Matthew McConaughey tells us about his acting process, his favorite college football team, and his favorite hemp-based power bar. Be sure to let us know if you or anyone you know has Pat Benatar’s cell phone number!

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