January 26, 2023

EP. 147 — Jessie Inchauspe (Glucose Goddess)

Biochemist and author Jessie Inchauspe (Aka – the Glucose Goddess) joins Jameela to talk about the many ways glucose affects your body. They define what glucose is and its function in the body, how glucose spikes can affect everything from mood to diabetes to PCOS, “glucose hacks” you can utilize to keep your spikes at a minimum, how we can empower people with their own bodies, and more.
Check out Jessie’s book Glucose Revolution – wherever books are sold.

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  Jameela:  Hello and welcome to another episode of I Weigh with Jameela Jamil, a podcast against shame. I hope you’re well and I hope that today’s episode is something that you can find helpful and interesting and entertaining and not in any way harmful. But we do talk about sugar and glucose and how, if not regulated for some people, it can negatively impact their long-term health as regards inflammation or insulin resistance or diabetes or PCOS or cognitive function, and hormonal balance. And these are important things to discuss and I think a valid conversation once rising on the Internet.   But I also know that for some people, god knows I used to be like this it’s still really hard to hear anything about food or nutrition or to even have to think about it at all. Like it’s been so hard to break away from constantly thinking about it that you can easily be triggered back down a slippery slope of any kind of disordered eating or restriction orthorexia

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