Jiggling Cashews

Sklarbro Country #20 December 10, 2010

This episode is Prediculously Sklar-larious! Todd Glass graces the calming shores (or are they mountains?) with the stories he has about performing with Aretha Franklin, giving and receiving comedy advice, and of course cashews. Randy and Jason try to figure out Pete Sampras’ carefree attitude towards his priceless possessions, and discuss a bizarre toilet paper injury suit until Racist Vin Scully shows up with an update on the McCourt divorce. Stay tuned until the very end for an exciting Earwolf announcement! Be sure to join other Sklarbro residents over at Prediculous.com to have a ton of fun, support the show, and potentially win an iPad! Oh, and if you want to Sklarbitrate with The Sklar Brothers (not to be confused with these Sklar-in-laws) check out the Comedy Bang Bang X-Mas Auction.

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