February 3, 2022

EP. 96 — Jimanekia Eborn (The Trauma Queen)

Comprehensive Sex Educator and Trauma Expert Jimanekia Eborn joins Jameela this week to discuss Jimanekia’s own journey with trauma, where the term “gaslight” originates, Jimanekia’s work teaching children about consent and rejection, taking yourself on a date, finding your own boundaries, and more.


You can learn more about Jimanekia’s work and the classes she offers at traumaqueen.love

You can follow Jimanekia Eborn on Instagram and Twitter@jimanekia


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Jameela [00:00:00] Hello and welcome to I Weigh with Jameela Jamil, the show where we are starting a revolution against shame. And today’s episode is, I mean, it just couldn’t be more perfect. It’s definitely on a heavier subject than some others, and so I will offer many trigger warnings and that we talk a lot about sexual trauma. But the other side of sexual trauma, how to recover. I have specialist Jimanekia Eborn on the podcast today. I have spoken a lot about Jimanekia online for years now because I first interviewed her maybe seven years ago and was just blown away by everything she told me and everything she told me during her interview back then stayed with me, and I went on to tell everyone about her since then and and pass her words on to others in moments of need. I’ve just I’ve just I’m just obsessed with how Jimanekia looks at the world, how Jimanekia looks at recovery and self preservation. And so we do talk about trauma. We talk about

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