November 3, 2022

EP. 135 — Justin Baldoni

Actor and author Justin Baldoni joins Jameela this week to discuss different definitions of masculinity and examining it without weaponizing it, what masculinity means to him, what young boys and men are up against in society, the importance of feeling and expressing emotion, how we can model healthy masculinity for young men and boys, the importance of friendship between men and women, and more.

Check out Justin’s new book Boys Will Be Human wherever books are sold.

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IWEIGH-134-20221103-JustinBaldoni-ACv02-DYN.mp3 Jameela [00:00:00] Hello, everyone. Just giving you a heads up that there’s a mention of self-harm and sexual violence in this episode. And if that’s particularly upsetting to you, please feel free to skip this episode and we will see you next week. Hello and welcome to another episode of I Weigh with Jameela Jamil a podcast against shame. I hope you’re well. I am okay and I feel very warm after today’s chat. I really enjoyed talking to Justin Baldoni. He is a wonderful actor, but he’s also a wonderful writer and speaker and educator around how we could, how men could heal themselves and how we as a society could live a better life. If men had access to more intimacy for more outlets, for pain, to more emotional and social and sexual education. And I think he’s a really important voice because he speaks from a place of so much love and hope and restoration. He’s a restorative person. He’s a

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