October 12, 2023

EP. 329.5 — Last Looks: Bats

Jason & Paul play American Idol judges and critique listener theme song submissions. Plus, Paul digs into corrections and omissions from Bats, shares a deleted scene from the Bats live show, and reveals next week’s movie.


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Paul Scheer [00:00:00] Jason and I are the new Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson. Plus, we’ll get in deep with guano and you will find out about one of the best shows that’s happening in Los Angeles that you didn’t even know about. All of this and more on today’s Last Looks. Hit the theme.   Music [00:00:21] [Intro Song]   Paul Scheer [00:00:40] Hello, all you cigar smoking sheriffs and jacked Bats. I’m your host, Paul Scheer, and welcome to How Did This Get Made Last Looks where you, the listener, get to voice your issue or issues on Bats and as always, I reveal next week’s movie. But first things first, a big, huge shout out to Quinn for that spooky John Carpenter inspired opening theme song. I got to say, that was great. And we love your Last Look theme song, so please keep it coming. And not only do we want your Last Look themes, but we are potentially looking for a new theme song for our regular movie episodes too. In fact, Jason is going

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