May 9, 2024

EP. 344.5 — Last Looks: The Beekeeper

Paul responds to your corrections and omissions from The Beekeeper, shares a bonus scene from The Beekeeper live show, and announces next week’s new movie. Plus, Paul gives you his picks for all the TV, movies, and podcasts he’s currently loving.



Summer House


Hundreds of Beavers


Mind the Game w/ LeBron James and JJ Redick


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Paul Scheer Don’t be a sucker. Learn about meat bees, and a real life beekeeper. All happening today on How Did This Get Made? Last Looks. Hit the theme.   Music [Intro Song]   Paul Scheer Beeoswarm! What’s up, all you members of the How Did This Get Made beehive? I am your ceiling leak repair guy, Paul Scheer. And welcome to How Did This Get Made Last Looks where you, the listener, get to voice your issues on The Beekeeper and later in the show, I am going to recommend to you things that I’m currently loving and want to recommend in a classic Paul’s Pick segment. I’m also going to share an exclusive deleted scene from our Beekeeper live show. And as always, we are going to reveal next week’s film. Now, before we get any further in the show, I must give a big shout out. A huge thank you to Matthew Fountain for that amazing opening theme. You are outdoing yourselves with this opening theme work. I mean truly every week we are loving it. And

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