April 18, 2023

EP. S2E39 — Love Is Blind’s Reunion Fiasco w/ Emma Gray & Claire Fallon

Reality dating show experts Emma Gray & Claire Fallon (Love To See It) join Ashley to provide an oral history of the night Netflix completely botched the “live” Love Is Blind reunion that nobody asked for. They eventually dive into the reunion itself, discussing Vanessa & Nick Lachey’s awful hosting job, Kwame getting a bad edit, how Bravo would’ve done it better, and so much more. Plus, Ashley recaps her thoughts on the Barry premiere, Succession, and several more shows you should be watching. #NetflixIsAJoke


Go here to listen to “Love To See It with Emma and Claire”



What We Watched:

Love Is Blind



Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies

School Spirits



Bob’s Burgers

The Great North

Last Week Tonight




Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens

Dance Moms (Ep. 1)

True Life


A Black Lady Sketch Show

Bob’s Burgers

Grand Crew

The Great North



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[00:00:28] ASHLEY RAY: Welcome to TV, I Say with Ashley Ray, your go-to podcast for discovering what to watch on TV and getting behind the scenes insight from the people who make the shows you love. Today, I had to bring in two reality show experts, Emma Gray and Claire Fallon. You know him from the Love to See It podcast. They usually talk about The Bachelor, real romance shows. We were going to have a big old Love is Blind extravaganza today. That was the plan. But you know what happens when you make plans? Netflix slaps you in the face. And that’s what Netflix did because their amazing live reunion that they hyped did not happen and was not live. So, we had to adapt. We didn’t get to watch the episode until the next day. So, we’re going to still get to it. We’re going to get into the memes, the jokes, the Netflix failure of it all. We’re going to talk about that. But before we do, I’m going to share my watchlist–what I’ve been looking

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