January 16, 2018

EP. 95 — Monogamous Animals

“If anybody has seen hell, it would be me.” What starts as an immigrant success story ends up weaving through prostitution, revenge, tragedy, sexuality, morality and religion. Note that this episode contains difficult topics including sexual violence.

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[00:00:56] CHRIS: [music transition] Hello all you monogamous animals! It’s Beautiful Anonymous. One hour. One phone call. No names, no holds barred. [00:01:09] THEME MUSIC: I’d rather go one-on-one. I think it’ll be more fun. And I’ll get to know you and you’ll get to know me. [00:01:20] CHRIS: [music transition] Hello, everybody. Welcome to Beautiful Anonymous my name’s Chris Gethard. I’m very lucky to host this show. I get to talk to people all over the world. I get to talk to chaplains and people who can’t picture images in their mind. I get to talk to bushmen and stalkers and all kinds of people. Nice people, suffering people. It’s just the best job, the best job a guy could have. Thank you all for supporting it. Calling in a couple of things. Couple of things I want to address. One. Keep mentioning we’ve got these shows coming up at the Bell House in February. Brooklyn, New York, the Bell House one of the great co

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