December 16, 2021

EP. 89 — Natalie Wynn (ContraPoints) Returns

We loved her so much, Natalie Wynn is back! The youtuber and political commentator joins Jameela this week to go deep on incel culture. They cover the origins of the culture, why it is so toxic, the societal issues that encourage incel ideology, the body issues which plague its community, other internet communities with similar toxicity, the issues with how we teach sexuality as a society, the role parents play in raising children that are impervious to the twisted teachings of incel culture, and more.


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Jameela [00:00:00] Hello and welcome to another episode of I Weigh with Jameela Jamil. I hope you’re all right, and if you’re not, it’s completely understandable. As ever, the news is fucking horrifying. But I would say if you throw in what’s happening to women in the Supreme Court and the horrific, deadly natural disasters as a result of complete political failure, devastating and criminal failure when it comes to climate change. And you also look at these new looming COVID fucking restrictions as people are preparing to finally be able to spend Christmas with the people they love and seeing all these numbers going up and countries being restricted and everything feeling really scary again, like nothing has changed since year and a half ago. It’s just a lot. And I can understand if you know the end of this kind of two year fever dream, you feel like we haven’t really gotten very far. I would just like to offer you the perspective that I think we act

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