Never Before Scene (w/ Jarett Wieselman)

Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown #218 March 12, 2021

Casey and Danielle are joined by lovely human and Housewives historian, Jarett Wieselman, who guested one year ago to the day, in the before times. Jarett was with Casey and Danielle when they heard the news that stars ARE just like us and that Tom Hanks had COVID – the night before the world fell apart. So it only felt right to have Jarett back to discuss the Housewives lives that are falling apart. Of which there are many! Casey shares a recent devastating loss from which she will never recover and Danielle attempts empathy for her- but fails miserably. The three talk Dallas, Atlanta, Jersey and Salt Lake Reunion Part 3…mainly about when Mary tried to eat fake snow. Upsetting stuff.

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