January 31, 2023

EP. 190 — Nicole And Sasheer Regale You With The Final Chapter Of Their Bahamas Trip

In part 2 of Nicole and Sasheer’s trip to the Bahamas, they discover that everyone, including the staff, runs on island time. On several restaurant outings, Sasheer and Nicole met a founding father, Sasheer was almost murdered by a prawn, and they both had a truly lovely time at a restaurant they were advised not to go to. And yes, Nicole finally got to play with pigs in the ocean! Every day weird things happened, and it was the least relaxing trip they’ve ever taken. Lastly, Nicole shares her harrowing experience heading home at the airport! You don’t want to miss how this saga ends.


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BF-190-20220114-JDv04-DYN.mp3   Nicole [00:00:11] Okay. Part two of Bahamas because we had to break it up because so much happened. This has been two and a half days of–   Sasheer [00:00:24] A six-day trip.   Nicole [00:00:27] So if you didn’t listen to the episode before, I would go back and listen to that to get the full scope of this trip. But we could jump in here. So, after I was thrown from a jet ski, we go back to the hotel and I was like, “I need to be in the ocean. I just need to be somewhere serene.” And you were like, “Okay.” And we get to the beach. I throw my stuff down and immediately just walk into the ocean.   Sasheer [00:00:53] I wish I had got my phone out fast enough to record you because you were swimming so hard, like you were in a triathlon or something. I was like, “Is she swimming away from the islands?” She’s like, “I gotta get out of here.”   Nicole [00:01:07] I was like

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