January 3, 2023

EP. 186 — Nicole And Sasheer Wish You A Happy New Year!

Nicole and Sasheer are stuck in Groundhog Day, Happy New Year! Nicole isn’t vibing with being able to edit texts after sending them, thus reminding Sasheer of an awkward moment in the show Popular. Sasheer and Nicole take on the most intense quiz yet and it’s all about pie, not the math kind. Lastly, your besties answer queries about how to handle conflicts between coworkers, how to navigate romantic relationship ambiguity, and a listener email reminds us all of the amazing pink police cars in Mexico.


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  Sasheer [00:00:11] Hi, Nicole.    Nicole [00:00:12] Oh, you froze.    Sasheer [00:00:14] Oh, did I really?    Nicole [00:00:16] On my end. And I was so confused. I was like, “Are you going to start? But we started.”    Sasheer [00:00:24] You also looked like you froze. But I thought you were just looking at me, like, blank.    Nicole [00:00:29] Sorry. Like, I was like, “Can you start it already?”    Sasheer [00:00:32] Yeah. You’re like, “Hello?” And I was like, “Oh, God, I guess I’ll start. Usually you say ‘hi’ first.”     Nicole [00:00:41] No. You took a drink, and then you stayed that way. And I was like, “Oh no. We’re never going to start.”    Sasheer [00:00:49] Yeah, well, here we are.    Nicole [00:00:50] Well, hello, hello, hello. Daylight Savings time is truly still kicking my ass. I don’t like it. I hate that it’s da

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