December 29, 2020

EP. 81 — Nicole Broke Her Fibula And She Feels Like She’s Telling Whoppers

WOW! Merry Christmas! It just happened. Nicole and Sasheer gab about all the things they (probably) got for Christmas, Farmrio, Coolhaus, dry ice, zero plans for Christmas, Nicole’s broken fibula and her surgery story involving COVID tests, being fully naked, and everyone wants your pee everywhere you go. They discuss condo shopping for Nicole’s sister, Sasheer’s trip to the Grand Canyon, getting profiled by an absolute asshole, how many days to be away from home, and Nicole’s home renovations. Then they take the quiz What 90’s Style Would Suit You Best, and of course answer your questions! This week they follow-up on a previous question of a mysterious boyfriend. Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at:

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