January 5, 2021

EP. 82 — Sasheer Doesn’t Desire a New Tattoo But She’d Get One

Happy New Year to you, dear everyone! Nicole and Sasheer kick off the first episode of 2021 reflecting on what they would miss about 2020 if it didn’t happen. They also discuss Nicole’s new wallpaper, The Madonna Inn, how many styles you can have while home decorating, new years resolutions, new planners, singing Celine Dion, Jordan’s fresh tattoos, and tattoos in general. Then they take the quiz Which Disney Princess Are You Based on Food Preferences? And finally, they answer your questions! This week Nicole and Sasheer give advice on dating your friends’ exes, whether you’re obligated to invite people, and whether a laughing game is fun. (Spoiler, it is.) Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at: nicoleandsasheer@gmail.com

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