May 30, 2023

EP. 207 — Nicole Does Not Want a Monkey Baby?!

What is a Humanzee? This week, Nicole and Sasheer find out how scientists actually tried to create a half human half chimpanzee hybrid and explore the age old hypothetical question, can humans have sex with gorillas? Plus, Sasheer can’t get some sleep, the Air Bud franchise is super expansive, Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America, and Nicole is clear that she does not want a monkey baby. Also, we take listener letters asking us if running around your house is weird.





Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions/ “Is this weird” suggestion at: 424-645-7003



BF-207-20230520-JDv02-DYN.mp3   [00:00:03] SASHEER: Okay, friends! We are back with a live show in Los Angeles. We’re going to be at the Largo at the Coronet, Monday, June 19.   [00:00:11] NICOLE: It’s our live show! It’s our first live show in a while, and we are so excited to be together and to be with you. Come! Bring your best friend! Bring multiple best friends! Bring your friendship questions and be ready to have a lot of fun.   [00:00:36] SASHEER: Tickets are available at for Monday, June 19th. See you there!   [00:00:46] NICOLE: See you there. People will be like, “They’re sick. They’re not well. Maybe we should go and check up on them.”   [00:00:55] SASHEER: Yes.   [00:01:08] NICOLE: Hello, Sasheer.   [00:01:09] SASHEER: Hi, Nicole.   [00:01:12] NICOLE: I woke up naked today.   [00:01:16] SASHEER: And is that okay?   [00:01:20] NICOLE: No, it’s not okay. I don’t

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