May 23, 2023

EP. 206 — Sasheer Does Not Like a Whale Tail

Hello? Can you hear us? This week, Nicole and Sasheer discuss enjoying ass-mer (asmr), mixed feelings on showing your underwear, an orgasmic experience at the LA Philharmonic, what they enjoyed about Black Forever… wait actually Wakanda Forever, Nicole’s vision for the future of malls, the new trash cans on Sasheer’s block, and more. We play another round of “Zillow For A Dillow,” and answer a listener question about getting your straight male friends to open up.


Here is the LA Philharmonic audio –


Zillow For a Dillow:

House #1 –

House #2 –


Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions/ “Is this weird” suggestion at:



[00:00:12] NICOLE: Sasheer.   [00:00:15] SASHEER: Nicole.   [00:00:16] NICOLE: Hello.   [00:00:18] SASHEER: What was that?   [00:00:20] NICOLE: Oh, I said, “Hello.”   [00:00:22] SASHEER: Wow, I really can’t hear you.   [00:00:24] NICOLE: You can’t hear me? Hello?   [00:00:26] SASHEER: I think I cut out maybe. You said, “Hello”?   [00:00:28] NICOLE: Hello.   [00:00:32] SASHEER: Oh. Hello.   [00:00:32] NICOLE: How are you?   [00:00:34] SASHEER: I’m good. How are you?   [00:00:35] NICOLE: I’m good. I don’t know why I started whispering.   [00:00:41] SASHEER: I don’t know either, but that’s okay.   [00:00:45] NICOLE: Should we talk normal?   [00:00:46] SASHEER: Yeah, probably.   [00:00:48] NICOLE: Yeah. I don’t think people would enjoy a whole episode of us whispering.   [00:00:52] SASHEER: But some people like it, I think.   [00:

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