October 31, 2023

EP. 229 — Nicole Doesn’t Want Stinky Cheese Dick with Alesha Reneé & Serita Wesley

Hi Friends. You know what time it is! It’s time for Besting Each Other with Alesha Reneé and Serita Wesley. Serita met Alesha through a friend and a plethora of people at BET. Alesha’s favorite memory of traveling is when Serita came out to Los Angeles to just hang out while Alesha went to auditions. Serita’s favorite thing about Alesha is her southern charm. Alesha loves that Serita never gives up on love and knows that “real” always seems to find her. Serita thinks Alesha talks too much while Alesha thinks Serita can be a “Debbie Downer.”  They both think they would be better at Survivor than the other but they also agree that Alesha is more outdoorsy. 20 years from now, Alesha wants them to be loved, healthier and whole like we’ve never seen. Meanwhile, Serita hopes they are rich, content, comfortable and have great butts!  Together they created the Audible podcast series, Unleash for Love.


This was recorded October 24th, 2023.



Check out “Unleash For Love” on Audible: https://www.audible.com/pd/Unleash-for-Love-Audiobook/B0CB9FYCV3?qid=1689358839&sr=1-1&ref=a_search_c3_lProduct_1_1&pf_rd_p=83218cca-c308-412f-bfcf-90198b687a2f&pf_rd_r=2KW0AGES9C467X5989WV&pageLoadId=Bp8khEy2uajOMeuU&creativeId=0d6f6720-f41c-457e-a42b-8c8dceb62f2c


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