January 18, 2022

EP. 136 — Nicole Had a Taco In Her Purse For a Week

Happy old new year! Nicole and Sasheer share their socially-distanced hangs (out of cars), Sasheer’s new blanket sweater, Nicole’s new year treat that almost made her cum, Sasheer’s blurry photos, the origin of the tooth fairy , QAnon queries, an update on Sasheer’s yard, and coyotes just sittin’ on a bench. They take a quiz to see what baby animal they are (and explore Sasheer’s love of fish sticks), and answer listener questions about a friend who takes things too seriously, get advice about how to avoid snoring, and how to manage a relationship with a man while having straight male friends.


Here is the quiz Nicole and Sasheer took – What Cute Baby Animal Are You? – https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/games/personality-quizzes/article/which-cute-baby-animal


Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at:


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