January 25, 2022

EP. 137 — Sasheer Doesn’t Know What To Do With Your Christmas Card

We are back in the habit! Though the weather is putting a damper on our spirits, we discuss Nicole quitting cigarettes, struggling to have good sleep hygiene, get nostalgic on vintage commercials, cast-iron skillet care, the cowards at Applebees refusing to bring back the applechimicheesecake (#bringbackthechimicheesecake), Nicole & Sasheer’s need for new Eastside LA restaurant recs (email us your recs!), and their hopes for the spring/summer. They take a quiz to see what their midnight snack should be, and answer a listener question about gift-giving amongst friends.


Here is the quiz Nicole and Sasheer took – Tell Us About Yourself And We’ll Tell You What Midnight Snack You Should Make



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