January 7, 2020

EP. 29 — Nicole Is A Motorcycle-Riding Bitch – LIVE

Recorded live at the Largo at the Coronet, Nicole and Sasheer kick it off by talking about shoe-related fears, multiple stairway stories, Nicole’s motorcycle crash, Ricki Lake’s tv show, Hot or Not, Sasheer running into a guy Nicole ALMOST hooked up with, and the venn diagram between Toy Story 4 & 13 Reasons Why. They quizzes to find out “What Kind of Garbage Are You?” and “What 90s Cartoon Series Are You?” Then they answer listener questions on spending time with friends after having a kid, dealing with friendships post-chemo, and some audience questions!


Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at:


(424) 645-7003‬

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