January 14, 2020

EP. 30 — Sasheer Ate a Chicken Loaf

After learning when Ramadan is, Nicole and Sasheer chat about their trip to Rome! They share about the food, Nicole’s choice to bow when speaking Italian, handing out wipes to all of first class, the best scene of Gemini Man, the history of the Delorean, and when someone loves you so much that they would kill for you (they’ve been watching YOU). They take a quiz where you choose a 5 course meal to find out what your sexual energy is, then answer listener questions inviting them to a wedding, and asking about being a secret friend mistress.


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September 26, 2023

Hi besties! Sasheer took an epigenetics test and got back a list of foods she is intolerant of. Included on that list are peanuts and gluten. Nicole, while on her own Jello journey, invites Sasheer to join her due to Jello being gluten-free!

September 19, 2023

OWW Friends! Nicole hits her funny bone starting the show! Don’t worry, she’s ok.

September 12, 2023

Hi friends. Nicole and Sasheer see Beyoncé!