January 30, 2024

EP. 242 — Nicole Is Back From Hawaii

F- R- I- E- N- D- S! Best Friends! Nicole decides to start off the show spelling Sasheer’s name. Sasheer joins in. Nicole shares the highlights of her recent trip to Hawaii which includes almost seeing an octopus. Sasheer tries to figure out how to get Nicole out of long random conversations with strangers. Nicole thinks she has a round welcoming face. Sasheer exits conversations physically and/or emotionally. Nicole thinks it’s wild the airlines serve people who sit in the emergency exit seat alcohol. Sasheer thinks they should definitely agree to be sober. Nicole wants to take a scuba diving course and meet a manatee. Plus, they answer questions about good party hosting ideas and weigh in on an Am I The Asshole (AITA) question from a listener that gets weirdly sexual.


This was recorded on Jan. 25th, 2024 


No BuzzFeed quiz this week.  


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