January 23, 2024

EP. 241 — Sasheer Learns That Nicole Loves Nuts

Hola amigas! Sasheer and Nicole continue to tell us about their adventures in Africa. Sasheer recounts how in South Africa they met people who knew how to speak eleven different languages. Nicole said when she was in Paris people didn’t want her to speak French. Sasheer learned that she doesn’t enjoy sitting with random strangers but it happened all the time in South Africa. Nicole shares how a driver warned them not to trust anyone in South Africa, plus he wouldn’t stop talking. Sasheer learns that Nicole loves nuts… zoo nuts to be exact. Nicole saw a monkey shit in a pool. Sasheer could push herself to get in the pool even though they cleaned it. Nicole is craving Burger King and has pipe dreams of opening a franchise. Plus, they help answer a friendship question about a foreign exchange friendship gone bad and how to make work friends with the opposite sex.


This was recorded on Jan. 13th, 2024


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