January 17, 2023

EP. 188 — Nicole Is Finally Getting Her Garfield Inspired Nails

Sasheer had a radical experience with mushrooms and now knows the truth behind trees. Nicole will not eat artichokes – forget about it! The ladies are getting their next tattoos soon and brainstorm ink ideas. Nicole remembers the first time she got her first innuendo tattoo and how at the same time she met her soulmate. Lastly, they answer queries on how to handle communication with parents and whether or not to date within your hobby groups. BTW, shout out to Nicole’s assistant Lyndsey for being the GOAT!

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  Nicole [00:00:11] Well, the sun is shining. It’s a new day.   Sasheer [00:00:17] Well, the sun is shining.   Nicole [00:00:19] A new episode of Best Friends.   Sasheer [00:00:22] Birds are chirping.   Nicole [00:00:24] The wind is blowing leavatures.   Sasheer [00:00:27] “Leavatures?”   Nicole [00:00:27] I don’t know. I was trying to say something funner than “leaves.” More fun? Funner?   Sasheer [00:00:34] “Foliage.”   Nicole [00:00:35] “Foliage.” The foliage is quaking with the wind. That was pretty good.   Sasheer [00:00:47] I probably talked about this before, but when I did mushrooms the first time, the trees that were in McCarren Park were fully cartoons. And they were, like, moving towards me, but I wasn’t scared. I was like, “That’s who you are.” And kind of still to this day, when I see trees, I’m like, “I know your real deal. I kn

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