July 2, 2024

EP. 264 — Nicole Learns that the Internet is Undefeated

Friends! This week, Nicole loves that Dyson has gotten into headphones. Sasheer loves a helpful product review post but is confused when the comment section is brutal. Nicole loves when the internet roasts people and is now into accounts of people who make things from scratch. Sasheer was surprised when Nicole told her about a woman who doubled down on saying the N-word. Nicole and Sasheer discuss what they did to impress a crush from school. Nicole is delighted by watching the Sex and the City reboot, Just Like That. Sasheer is re-watching Sex and the City and she’s a mix of Miranda and Charlotte. Nicole is definitely a Samantha. They both get into the reality tv shows they’re watching and answer your friendship questions about how to deal with a friend with a valid distrust within the group and recommendations on how not to spiral after a date.


This was recorded on June 14th, 2024.


No BuzzFeed quiz this week.  


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