June 25, 2024

EP. 263 — Sasheer’s A Green Traveling Queen

Sup friends! Nicole’s butt hurts! She was sitting for 8 hours getting her hair done. Sasheer is getting new windows to keep the hot summer outside. Nicole thinks it’s going to be a hot sexy summer. Sasheer is trying to stop buying clothes cause she has so many. Nicole got recognized by someone in a compromising position while in the club. Nicole got a bunch of stuff tailored and she’s excited. Sasheer points out that people would get things tailored back in the day and they have a great one. Nicole wants to find out, where boat go for swim? Sasheer believes that Nicole will find warm water to swim in. Nicole wants some dolphin earrings. Sasheer is on her swimming journey and she’s better in a pool. Kimmie finds out how long it is to take a boat right from Los Angeles to San Diego. Nicole loves to wear purple while Sasheer likes to wear green when traveling. Nicole and Sasheer do a deep dive into periods, pads, and toxic shock syndrome. Plus, they answer your questions about a friendship with a sister-in-law & social media and small town mess affecting a relationship.


This was recorded on June 14th, 2024.


No BuzzFeed quiz this week.


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