January 16, 2024

EP. 240 — Nicole Loves a Dung Beetle

Hey Friends! Nicole and Sasheer are back from their trip to the motherland, Africa! Unfortunately, they both got covid, but they are on the mend sharing their exciting journey. Sasheer loved the train ride in Zimbabwe. Nicole is convinced that they were best dressed. Sasheer was happy to make international friends. Nicole swam in the Devil’s Pool in Zambia.  Sasheer was publicly dubbed the weakest swimmer at the same waterfall. Nicole dove into some aggressive waves in the Seychelles. On Safari, Sasheer loved seeing the hippos and Nicole really loved the dung beetles. They hated that the trip back was delayed but they have wild stories on how they got back. Plus, they answer a friendship question on how to be a good friend to someone expecting their first child.


This was recorded on Jan. 13th, 2024


No BuzzFeed quiz this week.  


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