October 6, 2020

EP. 69 — Nicole’s Blarblar Daddydaddy

Nicole started her morning with a Ratatouille/Mickey Mouse in her pool and from there she and Sasheer discuss forgotten bagels, set calzones at 3 AM, new COVID protocols for filming, manifesting a good October, trying to figure out what is happening with this administration, taking a spill at skate gang, favorite emo music, social media limits, The Social Dilemma, the joy of returning things, message gun scams, and being sore after pole. Plus your questions, answered! This week Nicole and Sasheer hear a follow up on advice they gave about an ex, and they give new advice on how to hang out with a crush!

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September 26, 2023

Hi besties! Sasheer took an epigenetics test and got back a list of foods she is intolerant of. Included on that list are peanuts and gluten. Nicole, while on her own Jello journey, invites Sasheer to join her due to Jello being gluten-free!

September 19, 2023

OWW Friends! Nicole hits her funny bone starting the show! Don’t worry, she’s ok.

September 12, 2023

Hi friends. Nicole and Sasheer see Beyoncé!