September 29, 2020

EP. 68 — Sasheer “Feels Good” About Being A Movie Star In Quarantine

This week begins with the pros and cons of having a Dog Mayor. Nicole and Sasheer also discuss makeup choices, being a movie star in quarantine, getting more people on the positive bus, cry/laughing at the question “What were you supposed to be doing this year?”, not understanding why people won’t wear masks, and getting information too fast makes it feel like the end of times. Then Nicole and Sasheer take the “What Type of Millennial Are You?” quiz and answer your questions about disrespectful friends (who frankly are bad people), and being friends with your mom.  We’ll see ya next week, until then follow Engineer Jordan’s advice “Have Fun! Don’t Go Missing!”

Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at:

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