March 28, 2023

EP. 198 — Nicole’s Gonna Walk Into Traffic She Misses Sasheer So Much!

Nicole and Sasheer miss each other… genuinely! They start things off talking about what they can do when they see each other, like Christmas hot dogs! They discuss Nicole deciding to wear loud outfits at the airport, getting a beloved suitcase fixed, their shared love of fun weird stuff, cows having four stomachs, where do flamingos even live, and why there should be elderly skate hours. They take a quiz to see what unique pairing their friendship is, and answer listener questions about sharing your friend with other people as well as managing expectations with friends. Plus, tears for a beautiful lasagna!


Here is the quiz they took:

Here is the Lasagna wig!


Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at:



  [00:00:17] Nicole: Sasheer!   [00:00:18] Sasheer: Nicole!   [00:00:18] Nicole: My friend is so far from me. She’s all the way across the country from me. I miss my friend. I miss my friend. I’m gonna walk into traffic. I miss my friend.   [00:00:30] Sasheer: No!   [00:00:41] Nicole: Oh. How are you?   [00:00:43] Sasheer: Good. Well, hopefully I’ll see you soon. Also, I’m trying to sneak away back to LA this coming weekend.   [00:00:51] Nicole: Oh, wow! That didn’t sound genuine. And it was so genuine. Wow. For how many days?   [00:01:06] Sasheer: Four. Or I guess three. Arriving Thursday, leaving Sunday.   [00:01:11] Nicole: Oh boy. Oh boy. I feel like you’re going to sleep a lot in your own bed. Do you have anything planned?   [00:01:16] Sasheer: I have zero things planned, but I do want to, like, book a massage. Want to see you. But, yeah, I just want to, like, be in my house for a minute.  

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