March 21, 2023

EP. 197 — Sasheer Would Let a Whale Take Nicole

Do you have dreams about houses? This week, Nicole and Sasheer discuss the multiverse, Nicole’s moldy office, how we don’t talk enough about Bernie Mac, sending anonymous notes to your neighbors, early morning etiquette when walking your dog, and what’s the deal with sheep?!? We have another DIY moment with Nicole who is redoing a guest bedroom, and answer a listener question about hang out check-ins are they are really necessary? Plus, Nicole watches the trailer for Before Sunrise!





Here is more info on Shrekapo the sheep!





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  [00:00:12] Nicole: Sasheer!   [00:00:13] Sasheer: Nicole. How are you?   [00:00:15] Nicole: Confused. Bewildered. Okay. I had a dream. I woke up and I was like, “Do I have another house?” And then I was going to call you to be like, “Do I have another house that I never go to?” And I guess I don’t remember having these dreams. But when I woke up, I was like, “Oh, I’ve had this dream before.” And that’s why I think I have this other house–because it’s identical to this house. The only difference is my garage is twisted on the house and not directly on it. And it’s on a busy street. And if you go through my backyard and you keep going, you go through a forest, and then there’s another secret house. But you have to, like, walk and walk and walk. And everyone’s always like, “We’re never going to make it.” But then we make it, and there’s a TV and a couch in there and

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