December 4, 2022

EP. 294 — No Solicitors (seriously, it’s annoying)

Casey and Danielle are back from their holiday to bring you their 5th annual Gift (to yourself) Guide and it’s chock full of psychics and things you don’t need but must have, goddammit! Then they get into the nitty and the gritty that is Potomac and SLC, with drink throws a’plenty. Plus, our love of sleepy Robin is fading and just how many Angie’s are we dealing with in Salt Lake? Too many for our taste.


Happy Gift Guide links here:

Go To Dinners by Ina Garten

White Marble Rectangle Hand Towel Tray and Hand Towels

Hello Molly

Heart Huggie earrings

Tarte Creaseless concealer 

Lawless Forget the Filler overnight lip plumping mask

Avene SkinCare line


DROWSY Midnight Blue Silk Sleep Mask. Face-Hugging, Padded Silk Cocoon for Deep Sleep Therapy in Total Darkness.

The10 BFF scribble necklace
Hot ass swim suit!
Feathered Connections

Emily Fitch: Medium, Channel, Empath

To book:

Dr. Jenny Segal and Dr. Brian Smith


The 100 Dresses (kids book)
Christmas Trees!
Christmas stockings:

Let’s Make Memories Personalized Needlepoint Vintage Christmas Stocking – Family Stockings – Old-Fashioned Christmas Decor – Mantel Décor – 8″x17″ – Tree – Customized Embroidered Name

Traditions Christmas store

Chai Modern Challah Board

Christmas Dishes/Hanukkah gifts

Lumbar travel pillow

The Original McKenzie® Self-Inflating AirBack Lumbar Support by OPTP (710) – Back Support Pillow for Travel

Parenting Book by Dr. Becky Kennedy

Good Inside: A Guide to Becoming the Parent You Want to Be

BIOLYTE Electrolyte Drink, Citrus 12 Pack | IV Liquid Bottle for Dehydration | Hydration Supplement Drink with B Vitamins | Amino Acid Energy Drinks | Keto-Friendly Natural Low Sugar

Solvang Bakery Personalized Gingerbread Houses

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March 24, 2023

Enjoy this classic ep from the BITCH SESH ARCHIVES! Casey and Danielle are off doing a live-from-home zoom Spring Fling show this week (ticket link below – with Jason Mantzoukas and Joel Kim Booster). This past live show also features Jason who has a very pressing question about Ken. The truly extraordinary Jessica Chaffin is back with unpopular theories as Aunt Ronna about Lisa Vanderpump.

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March 9, 2023

We actually can’t stop talking about her. And Tom, and the whole mess! And there’s so much more for Casey and Danielle to discuss, even after their emergency podcast earlier this week. There have been apologies galore, letters to lawyers, mental health breaks and we’re obsessed. Then hilarious comedian and writer Nori Reed joins us to tackle the Potomac reunion, bedazzled boxes and all. Plus have we discovered the tannest New Jersian yet in Teresa’s dress designer?! Plus Miami’s season is coming to a close and it’s like we hardly knew ye.