January 29, 2024

EP. 193.5 — Office Ladies Announcement!

Jenna and Angela have some great news to share. “The Lazy Genius Podcast” with Kendra Adachi is joining the “Office Ladies” Network!


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Angela [00:00:03] Good morning everyone. Hello. Hi. Hi. We are excited.  Jenna [00:00:09] Very excited. We are popping into your feeds today to give you a special top of the year office ladies announcement. As of today. Office ladies has expanded to be a network, a network. We’re a network lady, and we want to tell you about the first podcast joining The Office Ladies Network. It is a podcast called The Lazy Genius with Kendra Darcy.  Angela [00:00:35] We are so thrilled to have Kendra join the Office Ladies Network. We wanted to share with you an excerpt from her podcast. This week’s episode is called Starting Fresh When You Can’t Start Over. We hope that you’ll give it a listen and love it as much as we do.  Kendra [00:00:54] I think we need a fresh take on January energy. We need some new words. When we feel this compulsion to start over. I shared some of these words last January, actually, and I need the reminder just as much as anyone. So we’re goi

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