January 19, 2023

EP. 310 — Open Marriage

This week Paul, June, and Jason break down the 2017 “erotic” thriller Open Marriage—a movie Paul insists felt sexy to watch at night but sad to watch during the day. They discuss the sex club inhabited by masked mannequins, bouncer/bartender Vulnavia, the wicker baby carriage, and how the characters mirror the White Lotus season 2 couples. Plus, June asks the question, “Is it appropriate to take a bath at a friend’s house?”


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Paul Scheer [00:00:00] The password is come kumquat. We saw Open Marriage. So you know what that means? Intro Song [00:00:14] [Intro Song] Paul Scheer [00:00:25] Hello, people of Earth and welcome to How Did This Get Made? I’m your host, Paul Scheer, a.k.a. Tall John. And today we are talking about another Lifetime original film. This one is called Open Marriage, and it is about a couple who decides to have an open marriage and then the dire consequences that come with it. There are murders, guns, pregnancies and sex clubs. So much to get into. Here to break it all down are my two co-host. Please welcome Jason Mantzoukas and June Diane Raphael. How are you both?  Jason Mantzoukas [00:01:02] Wow. This was this was a watch. This really explored open marriage, I thought very fairly, very thoughtfully.  June Diane Raphael [00:01:10] Well you know, Jason, when when a woman is struggling with fertility, you know, as so many women do, the first step is always open marriage. You know,

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