October 12, 2022

EP. S2E12 — Our Below Deck Means Death w/ Nathan Foad

When Nathan Foad auditioned for Our Flag Means Death, he heard it was ‘The Office but on a pirate ship’ but as he tells Ashley Ray, he soon realized that it was a very different gig! Hear all about the behind the scenes and on set shenanigans with Rhys Darby, Taika Waititi, Leslie Jones, Fred Armisen, the costumes, the gays and everything Nathan is legally allowed to say about shooting Season 2. Ashley and Nathan also prepared a TV Sitcom Starter Pack List for you if you want to write for TV and what US and UK shows they’re watching right now.


What We Watched:

House of the Dragon

Los Espookys

Good Omens

Kevin Can Go F*ck Himself

Extreme Sisters


TV Sitcom Starter Pack

Sally Forever



Bust Down

Girls 5 Eva

Chewing Gum






We Are Lady Parts


Bob’s Burgers

Los Espookys


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