May 29, 2022

EP. 154 — PokéMay – We Play, You Play: Pokémon Gold and Silver

It’s the end of PokéMay and Heather, Nick and Matt discuss their experiences with Pokémon Gold and Silver. They talk about how Heather maximized her experience with accessories, how much there is to do in the game, and hear from you the listener in the ReYOU Crew! Check out Get Anime’d, our new premium series available now on! (Coming soon to Stitcher Premium on 6/29.) Last chance to get your PokéMay Merch!

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September 17, 2023

Heather, Nick and Matt talk about the iPhone 15’s gaming potential, try Dutch licorice and talk more about Sea of Stars and Baldur’s Gate 3 before diving into the main topic, what makes a good open world game!

September 10, 2023

Heather, Nick and Matt talk about the potential SAG-AFTRA video game actor strike and what they are playing lately, Heather interviews video game developer and climate activist Dr. Joost Vervoort about the game he’s developing called “All Rise”, and we listen to some voicemails from the listeners!

September 3, 2023

Heather, Nick and Matt discuss some more Baldur’s Gate 3, Armored Core VI, Heather’s trip to the National Video Game Museum in Zoetermeer, in the Netherlands and draft some of their favorite PlayStation 2 games.