May 16, 2022

EP. 62.1 — Repeat: Elie Mystal

Samantha Bee sits down with author, lawyer, and commentator Elie Mystal to talk about his new book “Allow Me to Retort,” going to law school with Tom Cotton, the need to get rid of the Electoral College, what rights SCOTUS might take away next, and Neil Gorsuch’s ouija board. Original release date: April 19, 2022.

Recent Episodes

July 25, 2022

Samantha Bee sits down with legendary writer and satirist David Sedaris to discuss his new book A Carnival of Snackery, picking up trash wherever he goes, Cat Scratch Fever, and why he never reads anything written about himself. Original release date: December 21, 2021.

July 11, 2022

Samantha Bee sits down with legendary comedic actress and fellow Canadian Andrea Martin to discuss the variety shows they grew up with, TikTok comedians, and working with everyone from John Candy to Jacques Lecoq. This episode was initially recorded for the Toronto Hot Docs Podcast Festival. Original release date: February 8, 2022.

June 27, 2022

Samantha Bee sits down with THE Jeff Goldblum to talk about returning to Jurassic Park, becoming a Prada model, moonlighting as a kids piano teacher, making ice cream and the beauty of tiny things. Original release date: March 1, 2022.