Ross Bryant + Nick Mandernach in Every Place I Cry 

Off Book: The Improvised Musical #78 January 7, 2019

Uh oh! Jess and Zach are locked out of the studio this week while Every Place I Cry, the emo band with 4 lead singers including Neal Nocturne (Ross Bryant) and Moshe Black (Nick Mandernach), plus Aloysius Moody (Scott Passarella), And You Will Know Me By My Trail of Picks (Brett Morris) and Pain A’wiccans (Dana Wickens) record a doc of their latest studio session. With tear inducing tunes like “I Wanna Be Infotained”, “Rattlesnake Dick”, and “You’re Rubbish! (Back Off!)” you won’t be ashamed to release your true emotions after listening to this special ep.

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