May 3, 2022

EP. 120 — Sabre

This week we’re breaking down “Sabre” and the director of this ep, John Krasinski, sends in clips to share what it was like directing this very big episode. Dunder Mifflin has been acquired by the printer company, Sabre, and it’s CEO is the very powerful, no nonsense Jo Bennett played by Kathy Bates. This is also the episode that introduces Gabe Lewis played by Zach Woods! Angela talks about a “Save David Wallace” fan campaign, Jenna gives us everything we want to know about those special prop scissors used in the cold open and the ladies share about the real life inspiration behind that “bathroom moment” when Jim and Pam tour a local daycare. So have you ever tasted a rainbow? Because we think this episode might remind you of just that.


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Jenna [00:00:03] I’m Jenna Fischer. Angela [00:00:04] And I’m Angela Kinsey. Jenna [00:00:06] We were on The Office together. Angela [00:00:07] And we’re best friends. Jenna [00:00:08] And now we’re doing the ultimate Office rewatch podcast just for you. Angela [00:00:12] Each week, we will break down an episode of The Office and give exclusive behind the scenes stories that only two people who were there can tell you. Jenna [00:00:19] We’re the Office Ladies. Angela [00:00:24] Hello, everyone. Welcome to Sahbray. Jenna [00:00:30] Yes, it is season six, episode 15 written by Jennifer Celotta, known to us as Jen Celotta and directed by… John Krasinski! Angela [00:00:43] Yes, known to us as JK. Oh my gosh. Jenna [00:00:47] John. Angela [00:00:49] Great job. Jenna [00:00:50] I loved this episode. Angela [00:00:52] I did, too. It was one of those sleeper ones that I hadn’t watched in years. Jenna [00:00:55] That I had forgotten about. Angela [00:00

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