September 26, 2023

EP. 224 — Sasheer Has Entered Her Gluten Free Era with Franchesca Ramsey & De’Lon Grant

Hi besties! Sasheer took an epigenetics test and got back a list of foods she is intolerant of. Included on that list are peanuts and gluten. Nicole, while on her own Jello journey, invites Sasheer to join her due to Jello being gluten-free! While Nicole supports Sasheer on this gluten-free journey, she NEVER wants to know what she is intolerant of. Meanwhile, it’s another episode of Besting Each Other! Nicole and Sasheer are joined by best friends Franchesca Ramsey (Superstore) and De’Lon Grant (Jersey Boys). Together, they share their first major vacation together in Mexico, where resort photos proved to be untrue and the conditions unreal. Both friends agree that Franchesca would do better at Survivor due to her ability to complete puzzles and jump over things.


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