April 25, 2023

EP. 202 — Sasheer Is a Taurus (but Nicole Can’t Remember)

Excuse me, hi how are you?!? This week on Best Friends, Nicole and Sasheer return back to their love of Free Guy – warning **SPOILERS** ahead. They discuss air fryers, fl-Orida frenchies, where the phrase “egg on your face” comes from, why is Joe Biden so old, Nicole’s nail problems and more! They take a quiz to see what kind of best friendship they have, and answer listener questions about how to learn more about your friends, and being honest with toxic friends.


Here is the quiz we took – https://www.buzzfeed.com/angelicaamartinez/friendship-test


Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at:




BF-202-20230402-JDv02-DYN.mp3   [00:00:11] Nicole: Excuse me.   [00:00:12] Sasheer: Oh, hello.   [00:00:14] Nicole: Hi. How are you?   [00:00:16] Sasheer: Good. Hi. How are you?   [00:00:19] Nicole: I’m good. Thank you for asking. What are you doing?   [00:00:21] Sasheer: I’m just hanging out, doing a podcast with my best friend.   [00:00:27] Nicole: Oh, that’s me.   [00:00:29] Sasheer: That’s you. What are you doing?   [00:00:31] Nicole: Oh, listen, I’m just hanging out, doing a podcast with my best friend.   [00:00:35] Sasheer: That’s crazy.   [00:00:36] Nicole: Isn’t that wild that we’re both doing the same thing at the same time. Okay. Have you watched Free Guy again?   [00:00:51] Sasheer: No, I need to after all of our discussions.   [00:00:55] Nicole: Okay. This is wild. I can’t believe you haven’t watched it again.   [00:01:00] Sasheer: I’m not

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