November 15, 2022

EP. 179 — Sasheer is Creating Her Own Seasonal Beverage Party

Nicole is surprised that a lot of Kmarts didn’t survive the times and how Target usurped Kmart. Regardless, Sasheer and Nicole absolutely love Target! Nicole saw 25 year olds dressed older than her and realized they could be her mom. Sasheer is making a new tradition to make her inner child happy by throwing a Holiday Beverage Party. Nicole and Sasheer want secondhand stores to know that they have good taste, take their stuff! They wrap things up by answering listener questions and helping friends solve points of contention and friends left out of wedding invites.


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  Sasheer [00:00:13] Nicole.    Nicole [00:00:14] How are you?    Sasheer [00:00:16] I am good. How are you?    Nicole [00:00:18] Listen, I am good. I just had a weird Atkin’s bar.    Sasheer [00:00:25] Oh.    Nicole [00:00:27] I don’t know. I was hungry, and I wanted chocolate, but I didn’t want, like, a chocolaty chocolate thing. So, I ate one of those, and it was weird. And then I also eat a Quito chocolate thing that my friend had in the freezer. And I don’t know. I don’t know, Sasheer. I think I made some bad choices.    Sasheer [00:00:48] Oh, no. Like too much chocolate or, like, protein, or whatever is in there?    Nicole [00:00:55] Too much artificianal– “Artificianal?” Am I dying? Artificial sweetener.    Sasheer [00:01:03] For some reason, I thought Atkins wasn’t a thing anymore.    Nicole [00:01:07] Oh, it’s still a thing. They make lots of money.    S

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